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August Ridge wines are grown and crafted to compliment but not overpower foods. The whites are crisp and clean; the reds robust and strongly balanced. Serve the whites chilled and allow them to slowly warm in order to bring out the subtle complexities. The reds are unfiltered and will be best served 30 minutes after decanting.  Salute per cento anni!

August Ridge Vineyards

8790 E. Highway 41

Creston, CA 93432


Arneis, 2011


Delicate aromas of honeydew and macaroon. Flavors of citrus and kiwi are followed by hints of hazelnut, vanilla and cream in the finish. Serve with most cheeses, fish, and pasta with cream or light tomato sauces.

Alcohol: 12.4
122 cases

Pinot Grigio, 2013


NEW RELEASE! A delicate white wine with aromas of white peach. Crisp acids clear and refresh the palate. Serve with soft cheeses, white fish and simple pasta with oil or cream-based sauces.

Alcohol: 12.7
115 cases

Barbera, 2010


Bright aromas of raspberry and cherry. Cherry, red berry and anise flavors lead a crisp bright finish. Strong spice and pepper cleanse the palate of heavy foods. Balanced tannins and crisp acid pair with grilled meats, nuts and game.

Alcohol: 14
195 cases

Primitivo, 2011


NEW RELEASE! Zinfandelís sexy Italian cousin! She is known for floral aromatics, black cherry flavors, and a peppery backbone. Pair this one with cured or grilled meats.

Alcohol: 16
132 cases

Dolcetto, 2011


NEW RELEASE! Rich aromas of cherry and vanilla with flavors of blackberry, currant and plum. Good acid and tannin structure carry into a long finish, unusual for this variety, and give added heft when pairing with heavier sauces and meats.

Alcohol: 15.5
149 cases

Sangiovese, 2009 (Current Release)


Aromas of cherry, spice, and smoke. Forward flavors of red berry fruits and plums finish with the lingering spices. A delicate mouthfeel is complemented with acid and tannins for a long palate cleansing finish. Pair with tomato, sausage, grilled meats, well aged cheeses and nuts.

Alcohol: 13.6
307 cases

Sangiovese, 2010


Dark ruby hues with sour cherry and spicy aromas. Flavors of cherry and red berries, spicy wood and pepper. A lush earthy, mouthfeel and strong palate cleansing tannins pair well with grilled steaks or tomato based sauces and complex spice structures. Antipasti is a must! Decant, serve, enjoy.

Alcohol: 13.8
199 cases

Nebbiolo, 2010


NEW RELEASE! Floral and spicy aromas with flavors of cherry and wood. Peppery backbone and a delicate finish. A delicate mouthfeel and strong palate cleansing tannins pair well with rich, savory grilled foods such as pork, wild mushroom risotto, and game.

Alcohol: 13.9
112 cases

Ingenious, 2010


68% Nebbiolo, 22% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon: Aromas of dried flowers and red berry. Complex flavors of spicy woods, cedar, plums and pepper linger in a long finish with a palate cleansing structure of acid and tannin. This wine will "ingeniously" complete simple grilled fare or complex spicy sauces.

Alcohol: 14.3
84 cases

Jovial, 2009 (Current Release)


A classic Super Tuscan styled wine with sour cherry and strawberry aromas and tastes of black cherry, plum, cassis and pepper. Bright acids and strong tannins extend the flavors into a long, palate cleansing finish. Complements hearty, robust foods from pizza to osso bucco to sharp aged cheeses. Decant, serve and enjoy.

Alcohol: 13.9
160 cases

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, 2010


Deep ruby hues and aromas of cherries, plums, and cassis. Complex flavors of dark stone fruits and berries, vanilla, and spice. Well integrated acid is balanced by stronger tannins that support a lingering finish. Pair with grilled or roast beef, sharp cheeses, nuts, and chocolate.

Alcohol: 13.8
56 cases

Merlot Reserve, 2009 (Current Release)


Aromas of strawberry, cherry, and dried plum. Flavors of cherry, red licorice, and hints of strawberry jam backed up with strong tannins and acid to cleanse the palate. Best paired with grilled beef, lamb, sharp cheeses, walnuts, and hazelnuts.

Alcohol: 14.2
72 cases

Merlot Reserve, 2010


Aromas of cherry and dried plum. Flavors of cherry, red licorice and hints of raspberry backed up with strong tannins and acid to cleanse the palate. Best paired with grilled beef, lamb, sharp cheeses, walnuts and hazelnuts.

Alcohol: 14.7
81 cases

Sollievo, 2008-Merlot Dessert Wine


Six years of barrel aging drive a rich mouthfeel with flavors of dried fruit, vanilla, caramel and a touch of smoke. Perfect with rich desserts or simply paired with sharp cheeses and raw nuts. 375 mL

Alcohol: 19.4%
50 cases

Case of 2011 Arneis


12 bottles of our 2011 Arneis. Try our Holiday Sangria Recipe in the Family Recipies tab!